not without mustard


... this careless wretch that made such a mockery of prayer, ready to set foot a-land, cried out: ‘Not without mustard, good Lord, not without mustard’ — as though it had been the greatest torment in the world to have eaten haberdine without mustard.

Thomas Nashe, Pierce Penniless, His Supplication to the Devil (London, 1592).

Hello and welcome to the homepage of Dr Brett Greatley-Hirsch, an academic website in five acts, with the customary prologue, intermission, and jigs. Here you’ll find information about my research interests and teaching, my curriculum vitae, and my extra-curricular forays into the wonderful world of Irish bagpipes.

The Coat of Arms
Like Shakespeare (“non sanz droict”), I have also self-fashioned my coat-of-arms (“non sanz mustarde”). Well, I think so at least — I’ve yet to come across an authentic coat of arms or emblematic standard that has a stag (a “Hirsch”) rampant holding a mustard pot, complete with spoon. Make fun of that, Jonson!

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